About us

About us

We provide our customers with a valuable service. We help build new homes or develop existing homes; from getting planning permission to handing over the keys to your finished home . We provide the full range of services.

We started out as a small, family-run business. We started off providing general maintenance and drawings/planning permission services, but soon found that through hard work and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we had a strong and growing customer base.

It was extremely rewarding to see how our customers repeatedly placed their faith in us, and frequently gave us great feedback. This also helped our business to grow, and soon we were able to expand to cover all aspects of building services.

We now cover the entirety of London. We employ specialists in all areas so we can maintain control of the services we provide.
We also have another important ethos – one that means a great deal to us as a company. That ethos is a commitment to delivering efficiency, whether that’s for home maintenance or building services.

Over the years, we’ve seen just how inefficient some companies can be. We always strive to offer efficient solutions to keep your property clean safe and properly maintained.