Planning permission

Planning permission


We’ll help you get planning permission for building in London and the South East.

If you want building work carried out, you might need to get planning permission – and we can help. We have an excellent track record of getting planning permission approved first time, saving you time and money.

We can handle the process for you, making your life a whole lot easier. We’ll also work hard to make sure you need to make as few compromises on your idea as possible. After all, it’s not just about getting planning permission – it’s about getting your idea or plan approved they way you want it to be.

Our design and planning is top notch – we’ve had years of experience in the industry, and have a great record of carrying out high quality projects. We’re confident that we’ll get your planning permission approved with minimal fuss.


Planning permission types
  • Full planning permission and permitted development
  • Building regulations
  • Lawful development certificates
  • Householder planning consent
  • Outline planning permission
  • Listed buildings consent
  • Landlords consent
  • Conservation areas consent
We’re planning permission experts

We know planning permission laws inside out – probably as well as your local authority. We understand how they work, and what you it takes to get something approved. We know what your local authority is looking for, and what they are likely to accept or reject. This will help us to get your planning permission approved quickly, meaning that we can get to work sooner.