Property inventories

Property inventories

For professional and comprehensive property inventories in London and the South East, look no further.


If you’re a landlord in need of a property inventory, carried out thoroughly and in good time, we can help. At Build and Maintain, we carry out a competitively priced inventory service in London and the South East.

We offer convenient availability, ensuring that your inventory will be carried out at a time that suits you. We appreciate that you probably have a busy schedule, and the needs of your tenants to think about.

You’ll receive a professionally made inventory once we’ve carried out the inspection, complete with written and photographic evidence of the property’s condition. Such evidence can be admitted in court in case of a legal dispute, and will be included whether you need a check-in, check-out, mid-term or home inventory.


What is a property inventory?

A property inventory is a legally binding document that gives a record of the condition and contents of a property. This is usually carried out when a landlord is about to rent a property out, before the tenancy begins. An accurate property inventory protects landlords from damages caused by tenants (excluding reasonable wear and tear), and allows them to deduct fair reparations from the tenants’ deposit if necessary.


Pre-inventory advice

Before you have your inventory carried out, you should ensure that your property has been cleaned professionally, to a high standard. If there are marks, mess or similar at the beginning of a tenancy, a tenant can not be expected to rectify it. We also strongly suggest you notify us of anything in the property considered of high value before we carry out the inventory, and keep any receipts.